Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging
Wie op zoek gaat naar voorouders kan best wat hulp gebruiken...
Van de NGV bijvoorbeeld!
Last update: 18-aug-2011

If searching for your ancestors is your hobby, the NGV is here to help you!

What is the NGV?

With nearly 8.200 members, the NGV, the Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging, is one of the largest associations of this kind in Europe. The association has a socalled “Verenigings Centrum”, a meeting and information centre, at Bunnik, approximately 60 km. East of Amsterdam. The NGV was founded in 1946. It has regional branches which are spread across the whole country. NGV-members usually register at the regional branch of their choice. There is no additional charge. Members and other interested individuals meet regularly for lectures, for exchange of information and to give mutual help. The association has a heraldic section and several different subsections for families with the same surname. The NGV is not subsidised. All managerial and organisational tasks are carried out by volunteers. We wish to stress the point that we do not carry out extensive genealogical research on demand, but we are always willing to help people in their own search, especially those who are unable to visit our centre.

What could the NGV mean to you?

- Members have the opportunity to help each other via personal contacts.
- Each member receives the nation-wide magazine Gens Nostra, which is published ten times a year, with national and international genealogical news, genealogical articles, descriptions of pedigrees and family trees. The magazine is written in Dutch.
- In addition to Gens Nostra, members receive the regional news bulletins which are published four times a year.
- The website of the NGV is an interactive genealogical tool for members and guests. People can ask questions, provide information, use on-site sources, register their family tree, search for interesting lectures and courses and much more.
- Members of the NGV who wish to use the website and its facilities receive a password with which they are able to obtain more information than guest users.
- Most of the information on the website is in Dutch, but it is possible to pose questions in English on
- The NGV has developed its own genealogy program called “Gens Data Pro”. Members can obtain this program against reduced price. A free demonstration program can be downloaded from the NGV website on
- On the website members can contact our special service O en P CG, “Ondersteuning en Presentatie van Computergenealogen”, to solve any problems they might encounter using the computer programs.

The “Verenigings Centrum”

At the “Verenigings Centrum” in Bunnik you’ll find:
- A library of approximately 15 000 books, mainly concerning genealogy, but also local history and geography.
- Magazines (no less than 1600 titles!) on genealogy and heraldry published in the Netherlands and abroad.
- Biographical documentation.
- A large collection of data on microfiches.
- A vast collection of more than 17 million newspaper cuttings, mainly concerning deaths, from 1940 to the present, but also several older adverts.
- Nearly 700 000 devotional prints, so called “bidprentjes”, which are a valuable source for Roman Catholic families.
- A collection of heraldic books and digitalised information on heraldry.
- Most of these data are sorted by surname, and certain parts have been digitalised.

Where to find us.

Our physical address is: NGV Verenigings Centrum, Kosterijland 3, 3981 AJ Bunnik, The Netherlands.
Our postal address is: NGV, P.O. Box 50, 3980 CB Bunnik, The Netherlands
We can be reached by telephone on: +31 (0) 851051199
Our website is
Our email address is
This address may be used to ask for general information about our association, to pose genealogical questions and if desired it may also be used to apply for membership. Persons not living in the Netherlands are eligible for membership at a fee of 49 Euros.
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